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Sleek Japanese dining at Kyo Ya Izakaya

By 29 May 2022June 3rd, 2022home, what's on

Sleek Japanese dining at Kyo Ya Izakaya

In a minimalistic and elegant style reflective of common principles of Japanese design, Kyo Ya Izakaya welcomes you into its restaurant. Located on the second floor of Marina Square, kind hospitality and tasty flavours await.


What is an Izakaya restaurant?

The parallel is with “gastropubs” which you may find in England. “Izakayas” are casual and talkative spaces which serve a variety of comfort food and alcoholic drinks. Found throughout Japan, it is common for a salaryman (or woman!) to finish work and meet with colleagues at the local izakaya.

Enjoy beer and grilled meats

The word izakaya is made up of kanji (a subset of Japanese characters) that literally mean “stay”, “alcohol”, and “room”. Walking into Kyo Ya, and any izakaya, you feel a sense of warmth and coziness. The food is often simple with an appeal to all eaters, young and old. You can expect yakitori (chicken skewers) to be served, along with classic fare such as karaage (fried chicken), edamame, and picked vegetables.


A menu of comfort food

Of course, with a larger-style of izakaya like Kyo Ya’s, your touchscreen menu will have more variety. As a rule of thumb, dishes that go well with alcoholic drinks are available. When you visit in Wentworth Point, we recommend exploring the sushi, sashimi, donburi, ramen and side dishes available. Itadakimasu!


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