Parents Relaxing at Marina Square

What is PRAMS?

PRAMS is a monthly meetup for families with young children to connect, learn and relax. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month. Parents Relaxing at Marina Square (PRAMS) is a community group for Wentworth Point residents by Marina Square shopping centre. It’s a small way Marina Square can support families, carers and the local community that supports us. At PRAMS you can meet other local parents, help your child make new friends and welcome new residents to Wentworth Point all over a cup of coffee. Every month we’ll bring families together to chat and learn from guest speakers covering a range of topics. PRAMS members will also receive exclusive discounts at Marina Square shopping centre. Email for further information. Or have a chat online in our Facebook group.

Next Meetups

Tuesday 4 February – Lunar New Year Tuesday 3 March – Enjoy coffee with us Tuesday 7 April – Postponed Tuesday 5 May Tuesday 9 June

Special Benefits

Join the group this month to receive exclusive discounts on relaxation for mum and dad, family meals and much more. Click here to find the latest special offers and discounts. This initiative is supported by Billbergia Group.

Parent Facilities at Marina Square

Visit Marina Square any time. We have family parking spaces, parent’s room and indoor play area to make your family’s visit easy. There are 25 prams and pushchair car parking spaces to ensure everyone can enjoy easy access to the centre. The parent’s room is located at the southern end of the shopping centre, at the entrance of Footbridge Boulevard. With private feeding rooms and change tables as well as parent and child toilets. The Mini Mariners play area is open every day to keep the kids entertained while you shop. Perfect for children aged between 3-12 years, you’ll find it on the Ground Floor, near Footbridge Boulevard entrance.

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