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5 trendy hairstyles Totally Male Barbershop could create for you

By 1 July 2022News, what's on

4 on trend hairstyles Totally Male Barbershop could create for you


When it comes to hairstyles, everyone has a particular preference. You may enjoy the classic Comb Over, which conveys a professional impression without being too fancy. Or you might like the Quiff, which communicates a slightly messy style with a subtle tone of elegance. At Totally Male Barbershop in Marina Square, their expertise covers a range or hairstyles. Specialising also in beard maintenance and moustache care, their service presents you a look that brings out your best.

French crop

For that masculine and low-maintenance look, the French Crop combines short hair at the back and sides with longer hair at the top. It’s a look often described as “rugged”. 

Slick back

It’s been around for hundreds of years, and yet it is still widely popular for its charismatic look. You can expect to spend a little more time maintaining the Slick Back as a daily appearance. Don’t worry, Totally Male Barbershop has you covered with styling products 😉 

Comb over

There is a timeless quality to this hairstyle. Perfect for all formal and casual occasions, you can be confident that it looks fresh and tidy. Don’t forget that the Comb Over is also highly versatile, where you can combine different fades with different lengths of hair.


The Quiff hairstyle is recognised by short cuts on the sides and back of the head, whilst leaving the top flowing with longer locks. After visiting Totally Male Barbershop to get this cut, you will have an appearance that conveys confidence with a cheeky sense of rebellion.


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