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How To Enjoy Your Weekend At Marina Square

By 19 August 2021May 3rd, 2022Uncategorised, what's on

How To Enjoy Your Weekend At Marina Square

With the holiday season fast-approaching, there is no shortage of ideas on how to spend your recreation time at Marina Square. There’s brunch at Lab Kitchen, live music (& drinks) at The Dancing Bear, or Korean BBQ at Bulpan. After enjoying your meal, you can walk alongside the beautiful waterfront of Parramatta River, just outside our shopping centre.

Thinking of treating yourself? There’s Professionail for the prettiest manicures, and Totally Male Barbershop for the sleekest trims. Don’t hold yourself back, you deserve it after one rocky road of a year! Here are three other places to enjoy your weekend at Marina Square.


Revitalise your mind and body at Natural Power Massage

Chinese massage, also known in Mandarin as “Tui Na”  emphasises on the rhythmic stimulation of vital points around the body. Employing an array of skilful techniques like kneading, rolling & deep pressure, practitioners aim to release the flow of energy around the body. This is important because, according to Chinese traditional medicine, energy imbalances are caused by factors like stress and poor diet. The wonderful team at Natural Power Massage aim to revitalise these energy flows, whilst relaxing your mind and body. They combine an expertise across Chinese massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy and reflexology.


Is it Chatime yet?

We’re regularly asking ourselves the same question. Any recipe for a refreshing weekend at Marina Square will need to involve a tea recipe from Chatime, in our humble opinion. Fruit tea, milk tea, hot tea, mousse tea, blended ice tea … it would be no formali-TEA to say that Chatime has endless options for your thirsty pleasure. Take a moment if you can to marvel at their array of refreshing and tantalising flavours. All for you to treat yourself in the warmer months ahead.


Give the little ones (and yourself) a break at Cuto Kids Cafe

Can you ever grow out of mini theme rooms, ball pits and interactive wall games? Ask your kid and they will probably say “No!”. This boutique indoor space redefines what one envisions a child care centre might be. Its interior is bright and joyful, with dedicated spaces for catch-ups, play areas, and special events. While your little ones are enjoying themselves, there is an enticing menu of Asian & Western drinks, finger snacks, main courses and of course, desserts. A cafe for you and a playground for them (those little munchkins).

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