Stay Home, Dine Well

Staying home doesn’t have to mean boring meals, or a lack of entertainment. Check out what our retailers have for pick up and delivery.

Food Takeaway and Delivery

A Taste of Turkey

Grab a taste of Turkey at home with Bosphorus Turkish Street Food. Choose from tasty kebabs, wholesome gozleme or sweet baklava. Support them by ordering over the phone, just call 02 8054 6220 and pick up your order from the store. Receive 10% off on pick up orders during lockdown. A perfect reason to stretch your legs.
Also available on Uber Eats.

Big Burgers

Whether it’s a Big Boss or a Marvin Glazed, Burger Point can cure your big burger cravings! Order on UberEats for pick up and delivery.

Tasty Tea

Don’t limit yourself to plain tea. Chatime are still here delivering your favourite hot, cold, milk and flavoured tea drinks! Order online with Deliveroo, EASI and UberEats.

Quality Cafes

There’s no need to skip brekkie, miss your morning coffee or give up that sweet treat right now with LAB Kitchen offering the entire menu takeaway! Order with Deliveroo, EASI and Menulog.

With a focus on fresh food, healthy serves and fabulous flavours, Leaf Café Co. are the perfect choice for breakfast or lunch. With rave reviews, the breakfast gnocchi is our go-to dish. Available for pick-up from the cafe.

Make Time for Mimo

Take home delicious Chinese dumplings with Mimo. Order the pan-fried pork buns, wonton in chicken soup and pork and chive dumplings for a family feed. Order on Menulog and EASI.

Warming Vietnamese

Warm up this Autumn with Pho! We recommend the rare beef pho or the crispy chicken vermicelli. Order yours from Pho Joy through UberEats, Deliveroo and EASI.

Other Delivery Services

Whether it’s cooking inspiration or home décor, we still have a range of services coming to you by delivery!

Cook Fresh

Whether it’s a fish pie or fresh prawns, Marina Square Seafood has the ingredients you need to cook stunning seafood meals at home. Order via WeChat or call 02 8883 3669.

Bring the Outdoors In

Brighten up your apartment, with a taste of the outdoors from Rose Espresso Florist. Order in beautiful arrangements and bouquets by phone or text on 0412 908 994.


New WeChat

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Keep Busy, Stay Warm

Some people love the cold days brought by winter, others can’t wait for it to be over. With an exciting launch at Anytime Fitness and our favourite recipes and fun ideas, keep busy and stay warm with Marina Square.


Anytime Fitness has relocated. Open from Monday 27 July this is a great opportunity for you to kick start your fitness journey post-isolation. Come in and try out the brand-new equipment and gym floor with a 14-day free trial.

With more room for fitness classes, new equipment and the same smiling team, now is the time to get active. Stay fit and healthy this winter with Anytime Fitness. Contact them today for your free trial.


There’s no better way to stay warm than with a hearty soup. Snuggle up on the couch with this tasty soup recipe loaded with risoni, pancetta and cannellini beans from Coles.

Pasta Soup with Beans & Greens Ingredients

Head to Coles Marina Square for the listed ingredients and then follow the three simple steps below.

Step 1.
Heat a large saucepan on medium-high heat. Cook and stir the pancetta until crisp. Move to the side. Add onion, celery, chilli, garlic and thyme to the pan. Cook until vegetables are tender.

Step 2.
Add stock, passata, kale, beans, 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt. Cover and bring to a simmer. Add the risoni and cook until tender.

Step 3.
Divide soup among serving bowls and top with pancetta.

If you give it a go, tag us on Instagram at @marinasquarewp or on Facebook. We love to see all of your cooking triumphs and foodie inspo.


What would life be without a little bit of fun? Leap your way through the rest of winter with Origami Jumping Paper Frogs. Follow along with this easy and quick craft video, that’s sure to bring fun to you and the kiddies.

Origami Jump Paper Frogs Video

Whether it’s food, fitness or fun we love to hear from you. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and WeChat! Show us your winter recipes, your favourite brunch order, your newest manicure, a fresh hairstyle or even your latest Priceline haul.


Easy Easter Craft for Kids

Looking for an easy way to keep the kids entertained this Easter? We’ve pulled together 4 easy activities suitable for the whole family. They require minimal equipment or expertise, so enjoy!

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Make the perfect Easter decoration at home.

What you need:

– Coloured paper or card
– Pom poms or cotton balls
– Pipe cleaners
– Googly eyes (optional)
– PVA or craft glue
– Texta or marker pen


1. Twist 3 pipe cleaners together to make the bunny whiskers.
2. Glue the bunny whiskers down to your plate. Leave to dry.
3. Stick your pom pom or cotton ball in the middle of your whiskers as a nose.
4. Ask an adult for help drawing and cutting an ear shape with the paper or card. Make one set of ears slightly smaller, these will be the middle section of the bunny ears.
5. Glue the inside of the bunny ears to the outside of the bunny ears. Stick the bunny ears to the plate.
6. Stick on your googly eyes. You could also draw eyes with a marker pen or Texta.
7. Draw on a small bunny mouth. You can even add teeth for extra character!

Watch a video tutorial at: The Best Ideas for Kids.

Easter Crackles

Make a tasty Easter treat.

What you need:

– 90g of rice crackles, Rice Krispies or Cocoa Pops
– 100g of chocolate
– 60g of butter
– 3 tbps of golden syrup or honey*
*can be removed if the chocolate is sweet enough
– 1 pack of chocolate mini eggs
– 1 muffin tray (12 holes)
– Cake liners


1. Get the adults to melt chocolate slowly in the microwave or over a Bain Marie (in a Pyrex bowl over a saucepan of simmering, not boiling, water).
2. Add butter to the melting chocolate, stir until melted and combined.
3. Add the syrup or honey.
4. Add the rice bubbles and stir into the chocolate mix. Remember not to crush the rice bubbles.
5. Add the cake liners to the muffin tray.
6. Spoon the mixture into the lined muffin tray.
7. Top with mini eggs of your choice.
8. Leave to cool or cool in fridge for faster results.

Recipe from Fun Kids Live.

How to Draw the Perfect Easter Chick

Boost your drawing skills with an Easter theme.

Follow along with Art for Kids Hub and learn how to draw the perfect hatching chick!

Don’t forget to share your results with us on Facebook or Instagram. We love to see your messages and comments.


Save with Marina Square

Enjoy 90 special offers at Marina Square Shopping Centre from 1 October – 30 December 2019. Save on everything from your caffeine fix, to your monthly trim or lunch with the family.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are covered in October. Why not visit LAB Kitchen for a free coffee with any meal purchase? Then stop by Roll House for buy one, get one free pork rolls at lunch. Round out a month of dining with a delicious Thai meal. Hiew Thai are offering a free wok dish when a curry dish is purchased.

November is your month for self-improvement. Whether it’s a 6-week challenge at 12RND or a $75 one hour massage at Natural Power Massage, there’s something to make you feel good. We’ll also be taking advantage of the $40 wash and blow dry at Le Beaute.

Silly season is fast approaching by December and we’ll be in a gifting frenzy. Buy one, get one free at Miss Specs Appeal is the opportunity to gift stylish sunglasses and a gift with purchase at Priceline Pharmacy certainly sweetens the deal.

Check your voucher booklet for all of these great offers and more! If you didn’t receive a voucher booklet in your mailbox, you can collect one from Marina Square.

Terms & Conditions

All vouchers valid during the month specified only on redemption of coupon, one per customer, per day. See individual coupons for any additional terms and conditions.
Not valid with any other offer. Whilst stocks last. Exclusive to Marina Square.
5 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point, 2127


Spring Trends at Marina Square

As the days get warmer and our wardrobes change, so should our hair and beauty routines. We’re checking in on the latest spring tips and tricks in health and beauty at Marina Square.


Tidy up your bathroom this spring. Go through your beauty cabinet and remove items that you don’t use and gift any unused products to your bestie.

Priceline also recommend giving all of your make-up brushes and sponges a deep clean!

Open your eyes to gorgeous eyelashes with ProfessioNail. Use the range of coloured lashes to make your eyes seems brighter, it’s the perfect way to change up your look for spring. Don’t forget to ask for Stunning Mega Volume & Design Colour Lashes next time you’re in store.


It’s important to treat your hair according to season. Switch up your haircare routine, change your moisturizing shampoo and/or conditioner for a formula for normal hair. The extra moisturizing ingredients can make hair heavy in hotter conditions.

If you’re looking for a spring style to see you through the showers and sunshine, try a braided top knot. It’s is an effortless and chic option. Put hair in a ponytail, braid, then twist around itself and pin. Go for extra texture to give you an edge.

Extra points go to perfectly accessorised hair, opt for barrettes and bejewelled hair slides to keep shining in spring.

Visit your local hairdresser for a more radical change. Book in for a spring trim with Le Beaute, your hair experts.

Body and Mind

As our social calendars fill-up, it’s still important to take time-out. Consider booking a massage at Natural Power Massage or a float session at Saltuary for a relaxed body and mind.

Try Saltuary’s Salt & Sauna Special for $50. You’ll receive time in a salt room and an infrared sauna. Available Wednesday – Friday until 1 December.

Use our spring trend guide to get ready for spring and summer in Wentworth Point.


Father’s Day

Visit Marina Square for gifts and experiences for every kind of Dad. Whether it’s food, style or fitness, we’ve got a whole range of ideas for Father’s Day. Find your dad match below and pick out the perfect present.

Chef Dad

This Dad is a hands-on cook. He’s the king of the kitchen and a pretty good Jamie Oliver impersonator. Why not treat Chef Dad to BBQ supplies and a beer? You’ll need to visit Coles, Marina Square Seafood or Marina Square Butcher and Liquorland. Add burgers, prawns and cerveza to your shopping list then fire up the BBQ and let Dad work his magic.

Foodie Dad

Foodie Dad is similar to Chef Dad. They both love food, but Foodie Dad likes to avoid the kitchen and eat out instead. Treat him to brunch at The Smelly Cheesecake, lunch at LAB Kitchen or dinner at Hiew Thai. With 15 tasty options, there’s definitely somewhere to grab an amazing feed with Dad at Marina Square.

Coffee Dad

Coffee Dad is a busy man, he’s got a get-up-and-go attitude and is mainly fuelled by caffeine. Let Leaf Café & Co take care of him this Father’s Day. With award-winning Single Origin coffee, you are sure to impress. Try the famous house roasted and blended coffee with Dad on Sunday 1 September.

Stylish Dad

This dad is sharp, stylish and very suave. He’ll appreciate gifts and experiences that keep him looking tip top. You could book him an appointment at Totally Male Barbershop, grab some facial products from Priceline Pharmacy or treat him to a new pair of shades from Miss Specs Appeal.

Gardening Dad

Gardening Dad loves all things green. Why not treat him to flowers from Rose Espresso Florist? If he’s an expert planter, he’ll take a cutting and transform your balcony boxes so everyone benefits.

Fit Dad

He’s into sports, the gym and all kinds of footie. If he’s just a spectator, turn him into a key player with a 12RND or Anytime Fitness membership. He’ll be joining the local footie team in no time!

Stressed Dad

This dad’s a hard worker. He’s at work before 9 and home after 5:30pm. He knows the value of a hard day’s graft and loves helping out the family. Help Stressed Dad unwind with a massage from Natural Power Massage or an infrared sauna from Saltuary.

Now that we’ve filled you with Father’s Day inspiration, go and get dad the perfect gift for Sunday 1 September.


Protect your eyes with Miss Specs Appeal

Do you work long hours in front of a computer or screen? And does this leave your eyes feeling tired and dry? You may also experience headaches and neck pain. The culprit is likely to be blue light and eye strain. Learn more about blue light and eye strain from your local optometrist at Miss Specs Appeal.

What is Blue Light and where does it come from?

Blue light is the shortest wavelength and has the highest energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. You’ll find it everywhere, including digital devices (TVs, smartphones, computers, tablets), LED lighting and even the sun.

What does it do to our eyes and overall health?

Over 70% of adults who use electronic devices experience digital eye strain, migraines, headaches or neck pain from continued exposure to blue light. All blue light induces stress that can damage cells at the back of our eyes.  This high level of exposure can affect our daily mood and disrupt our body’s sleep pattern.  Not only does exposure to blue light have harmful effects on our eyes, but it can negatively impact our overall health and wellbeing.

How can we protect our eyes from blue light?

You can get on top of symptoms by wearing blue light blocking glasses for a comfortable, relaxed vision in front of screens. Our protective blue light lenses reduce unwanted exposure, reflect harmful rays and help improve eye strain symptoms.

Who most needs blue light protection?

Everyone should take precautions against the harmful effects of blue light. Especially those with prolonged exposure to blue light. This means all of the Netflix bingers, late-night gamers and hard workers. By purchasing a pair of blue light glasses, we can take steps to avoid the negative effects caused by blue light.

How can Miss Specs Appeal help?

We provide a range of affordable, quality eye wear with unique styles to suit every personality. Blue light filters can come in both prescription or non-prescription lenses and can be fitted to your frames of choice. Our eye tests are bulk billed, and we provide a thorough, customised service using the latest eye screening technology.  Come in and talk to our Optometrist Dr. Julia Ong today!


Meet the Chef

Known for adding his colourful flair to the menu at Mosman’s The Mews, Chef Ryan Cheng Qui now calls the kitchen at Marina Square’s Leaf Café & Co his home.

He’s delivered a stellar shake-up of the existing menu with inventive dishes like breakfast gnocchi or lighter than air Matcha French toast. We sent Chef Ryan a few questions to get the low-down on his foodie ideas.

Q. How did you get started as a chef?
A. I love food, so I wanted to make it myself. That passion for food made me a chef.

Q. What about food inspires you?
A. I love using fresh and interesting ingredients. I get to play and be creative with them and then share those flavours with loved ones, friends and customers.

Q. What did you add to the new menu?
A. Breakfast Eton mess, miso mushie, breakfast gnocchi, roasted pork scotch fillet, salmon Wellington.

Chef Ryan’s love for food shines through in his new, inventive menu. Classic flavour pairings and clever new twists bring his amazing dishes to life.

Q. Which Australian ingredients do you love cooking with?
A. Eggplant, beef, salmon, potato and so many more. I love locally sourced ingredients. They’re great for flavour and support local producers.

Q. What would you love to add to the menu in the future?
A. It all depends on the season, but it’s important that we use locally sourced products in our food. I love to know where all of my ingredients come from and how they’re produced – it helps me maintain quality and flavour in all of my dishes.

Q. If you were stranded on a desert island, which food items would you look for?
A. I’ve never thought about it! I guess I would think about how to survive first. Then I’d start with water and fruit, until I could find more interesting flavours in my new surroundings.

Ryan’s love of food is clear. We love what he is doing with fresh flavours and inventive dining at Marina Square. Especially the new seasonal truffle menu, available for a limited time.

Now that you know a little more about the man behind the menu, don’t forget to taste it. Dine at Leaf Café & Co Wentworth Point next time you visit Marina Square.


The secret Floating Forest

A piece of history just a stone’s throw from Marina Square.

While there are fascinating locations all over the city, one of the best places to see Sydney’s rich industrial heritage is the Parramatta River. It’s no surprise that one of the most interesting relics of the past is just offshore from Wentworth Point.

If you look carefully along the shore south of Marina Square, you’ll see it: the SS Ayrfield. But it might not seem like a boat at first, because the first thing to catch the eye is a beautiful tree growing through the hull. It’s a majestic collision of Sydney’s industrial history and its natural world.

The SS Ayrfield was built in the United Kingdom in 1911. Originally called the SS Corrimal, it was a collier (a steam-powered coal transport ship) weighing 1,140 tonnes and ran between Sydney and Newcastle.

In World War II it was purchased by the Commonwealth of Australia and used as a supply transport ship to assist American troops in the Pacific. After the war, it returned to its previous role as a collier under the Miller Steamship Company, often travelling to the company’s terminal in Blackwattle Bay. In 1972 it was finally decommissioned at age 61.

The old ship was taken to Homebush Bay for breaking up, but in the middle of the process work ceased at the shipwrecking site. The vessel – like several others nearby – was abandoned in its half-demolished state.

And then nature took over.

107-years old, the Ayrfield now resembles a floating forest. It was rediscovered in the bay in the last ten years, overgrown with huge mangrove trees.  The site is popular with photographers and tourists, but it can still be overlooked by many. Round out your day at Marina Square with a visit to the look-out point.

How to find it

Homebush Bay is about 30 minutes from downtown Sydney by car, but there are also bus and train routes. Don’t overlook the Darling Harbour ferry as an option to get there either.

The site is a half-hour walk from Rhodes Station, or 15-20 minutes from Marina Square. Once you get to the Olympic Park Archery Centre, it’s a stroll across the road to the waterfront. The ship can be seen most clearly from the walkway there.