Winter Hair Tips with Le Beaute

Winter is here which can mean tired, dry and frizzy hair. Keep your locks luscious with local hair and beauty experts, Le Beaute.

What’s on trend?

It’s winter, so think new colours, surprising accessories and glamorous styles. A change of season is the perfect excuse to change up your look.

Forget cold colours. Think of warm tones and beautiful ombre toning. We’re loving cinnamon spiced chestnut brown, shiraz red and golden brown balayage. Talk to your hair stylist about colours that will compliment your eyes and the natural undertones of your skin for a subtle and natural look.

As for style and length, whether you’re a long-haired Lucy or a short-haired Sarah, waves are in. Book yourself in for a glam blow dry if you’ve already got type 2 or type 3 curly hair. For those of us with type 1 or straight hair, you can call on the fantastic talent at Le Beaute Marina Square.

If you’re looking to fix-up your current style, then turn to accessories. Think pearl barrettes, beautiful bows and silk hair scarves. Mix-up monochromatic colour palettes for a bold look to offset any outfit.

Hair saviours

With the cold breeze, artificial heat and constant styling, our hair can get really tired and limp. Save yourself from a bad hair day with proper hair care solutions. This means starting with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. In terms of styling swap out harsh hairspray for voluminous powder and get that lift without drying out hair all over.

Make a charcoal mask your new weekly ritual. It hydrates your scalp and hair without leaving oil residue. Perfect for soft cleansing during winter or after using lots of product. It will leave you with

For special occasions or weekend hair, add flexible hairspray and serum. It will give you that strong hold without being too damaging.

Give me some more inspiration!

We’ve all been guilty of getting stuck down the Instagram rabbit hole. Try looking at some overseas bridal accounts by following #bride for wedding and glamour inspiration. Keep up to date with the latest wave looks on #curlyhair or #waveyhair. If in doubt, follow some classic celebrity handles for red carpet styles.

Le Beaute love the versatility and bold choices from Kylie Jenner. She’s a risk taker. Looking to shake-up her latest fashion looks or collaborations with wigs for a last-minute style or colour change.

You can catch Le Beaute’s latest looks and inspiration highlights on their Instagram profile @lebeautemarinasquare.

Fix me up

Book an appointment or consultation with Le Beaute today. You can find them on Level One of Marina Square shopping centre, online or on social media.

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Tea Time

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Russian Caravan, Oolong, Matcha, Jasmine, Rosehip, Chamomile, or Rooibos. You’ve guessed it. We’re talking about tea.

After water, it’s the most widely consumed drink in the world. Most of us love it in some flavour or another. Many turn to its comforting warmth during autumn and winter or pair it with sympathy in times of distress.

Tea culture varies around the world. Depending where you’re from, you’ll expect different things from a cup of tea.

India is famous for its Assam and Darjeeling tea. You can expect it to be served almost everywhere in the sub-continent on a daily basis. It’s typically made with milk, can be served with additional spices and is usually sweetened. Indian Chai has gained popularity in Australia in recent years. In India, Chai specifically refers to a sweet milky brew filled with delicious spices and black tea. It’s also known as Masala Chai, Spiced Tea or Spiced Chai.

If you’ve enjoyed tea in China or Japan, you’ll be familiar with the idea of the tea ceremony. In Japan, a tea ceremony is a choreographed ritual. You’ll find traditional Japanese sweets alongside Matcha tea. The ceremony is not about drinking tea, it’s about the practiced movements and mindfulness of preparing a bowl of tea. Tourists will often take part in a tea ceremony with a Maiko or trainee Geisha.

Tea can be used in many special circumstances in China. In traditional Chinese society, the younger generation show respect by offering older generations a cup of tea. Inviting your elders to restaurants for tea is a traditional holiday activity.

When sons and daughters leave home for work or marriage, they may spend less time with their parents. Going to restaurants and drinking tea becomes an important activity to connect at family gatherings.

During a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony the bride and groom kneel in front of their parents and serve them tea, symbolising gratitude and the joining together of the two families.

Aside from family bonding and respect, tea can be used as a formal apology in China. Misbehaving children might make their parents a cup of tea to acknowledge their guilt and regret.

Over in Turkey, it’s very common to find a young boy dashing through the streets with a silver tray full of small tea-filled glasses. There, the fragrant liquid is not traditionally drunk with milk or lemon, only sugar cubes.

Friends and families will gather at the local tea garden to discuss their lives and enjoy each other’s company while sipping fresh tea. Although everyone goes to the tea garden, typically only men gather inside the teahouse. They play board games while sipping on a variety of teas; very secret men’s business.

The British are another tea loving nation. Originally imported to Europe by Portuguese and Dutch traders, England was a latecomer to the tea trade.
Tea is now a national staple in England. Enjoyed formally at afternoon tea, sitting outside and enjoying cream and scones or in the lounge room on a rainy day. In true British style, tea can cause outrage with many arguments about the correct way to make a cup of tea; are you a milk or teabag first person?

The comfort of a cup of tea is hard to beat. The healing powers of the humble cuppa are pretty tea-riffic.

Grab a dose of relaxation at Marina Square. We’re rewarding our shoppers with collectable tea diffusers this autumn. Collect one every time you spend $100 in Coles or $50 in any other Marina Square store while stocks last. Click here for details and full terms and conditions.


Make the most of your Autumn School Holidays

Keep it local, make it fun. Marina Square is bringing you our top ten things to do in Wentworth Point, Newington, Sydney Olympic Park and Rhodes these school holidays.

Find the Easter Bunny

Hunt for the Easter Bunny at Marina Square and maybe you’ll find chocolate eggs. The Easter Bunny will be joining us on Thursday 18 April and Saturday 20 April 11:00am – 2:00pm. Click here to see Marina Square’s full Easter Program.

Try out Blaxland Riverside Park

Blaxland Riverside Park is a children’s paradise. Check it out for some serious outdoor fun. It’s home to a double flying fox, mega-swing, tunnel slides, scramble wall, spinning play disc, Viking swing and a multi-level tree house!

Learn more

Make an Easter Decoration

Drop in to the Interactive Play Space and decorate your own sequinned foam egg. Perfect for any Easter basket or even an Easter egg hunt. This free activity takes place on Tuesday 23 April 10:00am -2:00pm. Find the Interactive Play Space on Level One of Marina Square.

Visit Newington Armory

Open daily during school holidays. Here you can take a step back in time to ‘Ride the Rails’ of the historic railway once used to move missiles and torpedoes around Newington’s Armament Depot.

See more

Easter Scratch Art

Make the most of Easter with free Easter Scratch Art. Kids can etch out cool patterns in scratch paper to reveal colourful Easter designs. Try it for free on Wednesday 24 April, 10:00am at Level One at Marina Square.

Stained Glass Art Workshop

Local arts and crafts are easy to find at Marina Square. This is your opportunity to try your hand at glass art. Made safe for kids with acrylic plastics, this workshop lets kids work out the visual tips and tricks of glass art. Take a beautiful stained window as inspiration and make a colourful window hanger or ornamental piece. This free activity takes place on Friday 26 April, 10:00am at Level One at Marina Square.

Test Your Senses

Rhodes Park 5 Senses Garden is a fully fenced playground and garden with plenty of nature play elements. Balance nature and learning here with fun play and education opportunity. You’ll find wet play area, sandpits, rock pit, musical instruments, balance beams, tightrope and a birds nest swing here.

Learn more

Support your local team

It’s footy season folks. We know this one is a little one out of the way, but footy is worth it! Local heroes, Greater Western Sydney take on their cross-town rivals, the Sydney Swans at the SCG. Let’s see if the Giants can continue their winning streak against the Swans. It’s sure to be a great match.

Do something special

You know the drill Sydneysiders, it’s show time. Get yourself down to the Royal Easter Show. Pet a goat, eat a Dagwood Dog, jump on some fairground rides and buy a showbag. Check out the agricultural events at The Woodchop Stadium, hang out at Pet Pavilion and catch the fireworks before heading home. It’s a day full of fun, family and farmers.

Eat something delicious

Make a family lunch date at Marina Square. With a taste of global cuisine, you’re sure to find something to suit everyone. Drop in for brunch at Leaf Café, LAB Kitchen, Smelly Cheesecake or Bosphorus Turkish Street Food. Make a dinner date at Masuya Suisan, Pho Joy or Bulpan Korean BBQ. Treat yourself to dinner and a cocktail at Hiew Thai. Got to dine and dash? Grab quick eats from Akira Sushi, Griddle King, Roll House or Burger Point.


Easter Activity at Marina Square

Check out Marina Square’s Easter program. We’ve got the Easter Bunny, an interactive play space and art sessions for the kids. While there’s food tasting and shopping rewards for the adults. Plus, pet caricatures for your furry friends.

Tea-riffic Spending

Easter shoppers reward. Purchases over $100 at Coles or $50 at any other Marina Square store are eligible for a free tea diffuser while stocks last. With 4 cute designs to choose from, don’t forget to collect them all. You can read more about the guil-tea pleasure here. Tea diffusers will be available from Monday 15 April and full terms and conditions can be found here.

Interactive Play Space and Art Sessions

This Easter we’ll have an interactive play space up on level one. It will be decked out with toys and interactive puzzles from Monday 15 April until Wednesday 17 April. After that, we’ll be running drop-in art session in the space. Join us from on Tuesday 23 April for sequin egg decorating, Easter scratch art on Wednesday 24 April and stained-glass art on Friday 26 April. All kids’ drop-in art sessions run from 10:00am – 2:00pm.

Easter Bunny

Look out for the Easter Bunny on Thursday 18 April and Saturday 20 April. He’ll be at Marina Square handing out chocolate eggs and available for photos. Drop in between 11:00am and 2:00pm.

Pet Caricature

Immortalise your furry friend in caricature. Pick up the perfect piece of personalised wall art on Saturday 20 April. Sessions are available between 9:00am and 11:00am and must be booked in advance. Please book your session here.

More Fun

We’ve prepared a list of the best local activities to keep the kids entertained these school holidays. Read our blog here.

Easter Trading Hours

Good Friday: Centre Closed. Lab Kitchen open 8:00am – 3:30pm.

Saturday: Centre open as usual.

Easter Sunday: Selected restaurants and stores will be open. Coles will be closed.

Easter Monday: Centre trading as usual.


BBBRun at Marina Square

The Billbergia Bennelong Bridge Run is coming to Marina Square this March.

We checked in with Marina Square’s local health and fitness experts to find out how you can prepare, race and recover.


About the experts

Gillian, Chiropractor, Saltuary Natural Health Clinic.

Gillian has been “optimis[ing] the health of every single person [she] sees” for over fifteen years.

A big believer in gearing her treatments to the individual, Gillian uses a variety of different techniques to treat people of all shapes, sizes and ages.


Josh, Coach & Manager at 12RND Fitness.

Josh is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. 6-week challenges push the 12RND crew to be the best. They have built a strong and healthy community around fitness and HIIT training.

Josh reckons the best thing about running is “the feeling of knowing you are better than you were yesterday. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.”


Ronnie, Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness.

Ronnie works with Anytime Fitness members in Wentworth Point to improve their overall strength and fitness.

Ronnie thinks the worst thing about running is the repetition. He likes to create varied and challenging workouts for his clients.



It’s important to check your general health and fitness before embarking on a new challenge.

Make sure to check-up with your GP. You can gain more ideas about your fitness level and body composition through your gym, pharmacy or healthcare providers.

Gillian suggests a free pelvic check and lower limb strength assessment. This takes around 20 minutes and is available at Saltuary at Marina Square. You can find more info about this on our offers page.

Food and diet are essential to race preparation as well. Josh suggests a balanced meal of carbs, protein and fats like avocado and eggs on toast. Aim for a light meal on the morning of your run such as a banana and almonds or honey on toast.

Ronnie reminds us to stay hydrated and top up our electrolytes.


Finding your race style is important. You might be a fantastic sprinter and a terrible long-distance runner. Find your race style through different training sessions and identifying your fitness type.

12RND can help you find your fitness type with 3 free trial sessions to use over a 1-week period. For more information about this and other offers click here.

Further tips from Gillian included the importance of breathing properly.  “Find a breathing rhythm whilst running. Make sure it suits your running style and is comfortable.”

This could mean inhaling for three steps, exhaling for two. Make it rhythmic and in line with your pace.

Josh echoes Gillian’s advice, “run at a pace where you know you can control your breathing, take your time and ease your way into running further. Take breaks when/if needed and enjoy yourself!”

Remember to activate the correct muscles. Ronnie says, “activate hip flexors and glutes to improve your technique.”



Sleep, rest and wellbeing are all key to your recovery. During training, remember to take a rest day and maintain a good sleeping pattern.

Food plays a big part too. Gillian says, “keep in mind how important magnesium is for muscle recovery. It helps to relax and replenish the muscles after workouts.”

You can work magnesium into your diet through magnesium rich foods such as leafy greens, fruits and nuts.

Recovery is easiest when you avoid injury. Josh let us know how to avoid injury by keeping simple habits. Make sure you’re “doing a proper warm up before running and maintaining a good stretching, rolling and sleeping pattern.”


Enjoying the run at Marina Square

It’s important to remember that running can be a challenge no matter how fit you are. Get out there, smash your fitness goals and enjoy yourself.

Marina Square will be an action-packed running hub for runners and spectators alike. We’ll have special entertainment and kids activities. Plus, all of our usual food and drink offerings. Check out the What’s On section for more details.

More about BBBRun

The BBBRun is open for everyone. Four different races make the event truly accessible.

The brainchild of Glen Lebeau and Hamish Campbell, BBBRun is redefining community running events. They use running to inspire change for individuals, carers and families affected by chronic illness and disabilities.

To find out how you can be involved in creating change visit BBBRUN for further details.


Lunar New Year

February is on its way, bringing some more warm weather and a new lunar year. Like all great celebrations, Lunar New Year it’s steeped in tradition and myth developed across millennia.

According to the legends, Chinese New Year began with a fight against a mythical beast. This beast was called Nian (The Year) and looked like an ox with the head of a lion.

On New Year’s Eve, this savage beast would come out to harm animals, people and homes. But despite being an almighty beast, Nian had weaknesses in battle. The people discovered that Nian feared the colour red, fire and loud sounds.

Given this knowledge, a wise old man in the village suggested it would be better if they stuck together and chased the monster away. So the villagers used Nian’s weaknesses to protect themselves. They placed red house decorations (Dui Lian), set off fireworks and hung lanterns.

That particular New Year’s Eve, Nian was so surprised that it ran around the village until it was completely exhausted and the villagers were able to kill it.

We still honour the traditions of this story in our celebrations. Like the villagers all those years ago, we gather together under large firework displays, loud dragon dances and beautiful red lanterns.

New Year’s Eve

The night before the Nian is set to arrive, families gather together for safety.

Wherever they are, people are expected to be home to celebrate the festival with their families. The New Year’s Eve dinner is called ‘reunion dinner’ and is the most important meal of the year for many.


In China fireworks are used to drive away evil spirits like Nian as well as to celebrate the coming year.

It is believed that the person who launched the first firework of the New Year will obtain good luck.


During Lunar New Year, you will see a variety of red decorations around town. Red lanterns, red envelopes and red streamers all help to ward off Nian. They’re also great gifts for this time of year.


The villagers in the myth used drumming to drive away the evil spirits.

Drums were used in so many aspects of traditional Chinese life, including sacrificial and worshipping ceremonies, warfare and performative dance. They’re equally important in modern times, building atmosphere and a sense of communal experience.

Lion Dances

In Chinese culture, the lion symbolizes power, wisdom and superiority. The Lion Dance is one of the most important traditions at Chinese New Year. It is performed to bring good fortune and chase away evil spirits.

Artists imitate a lion’s various movements or demonstrate martial arts accompanied by the music of beating drums, clashing cymbals and resounding gongs.

The lion dance is the perfect way to create a festive atmosphere and bring happiness to the community.


Australia Day

There are so many things to celebrate about Australia: the wildlife, the sun, the beaches, the people and the food!

Our amazing attitude towards food has cultivated our international reputation as a foodie destination. Australia is home to world-class chefs like Kylie Kwong, Neil Perry and Matt Moran to name just a few. We’re at the forefront of experimental cuisine, and that’s something to be proud of this Australia Day.

Our celebrations are centred around food. Cooking and eating is such an easy way to spread joy. As a nation, we love to BBQ, picnic and feast with our loved ones. There’s nothing better than a family BBQ in the great Australian outdoors.

But there’s some quintessential Aussie foods which aren’t getting any global love. Tourists might turn up their noses at our Fairy Bread or Vegemite because they don’t align with our otherwise high-end foodie credentials, but we love them.

They might be a bit daggy and even provoke international laughs, but these guilty pleasures conjure up childhood memories of birthday parties, summer days and family get-togethers. And that’s why we still love them.

Let us know if you agree with our top six Aussie guilty pleasures:

  1. Vegemite: our American counterparts can’t stand it but we can’t get enough. Spread a thick layer over butter for maximum enjoyment.
  2. Lamingtons: little pillows of sponge, chocolate and coconut. What could be better? Raspberry jam lamingtons, that’s what!
  3. Fairy bread: this multicoloured marvel isn’t for everyone but it’s stood the test of time. It’s been around since the 1920s.
  4. Tim Tams: probably Australia’s largest export thanks to Muriel’s Wedding.
  5. Golden Gaytime: fun fact, the first Gaytime was not golden! It was chocolate and strawberry shortcake.
  6. Pavlova: although there’s conjecture about whether it originated in New Zealand or Australia, we’ll claim it just like we do Russell Crowe and Crowded House.

You can find all of your Australia Day guilty pleasures at Marina Square.

We’re even open on 26 Jan for your emergency Tim Tams.


Happy Australia Day!


Wentworth Point’s favourite fun run is back

We’re excited to announce that in 2019, the Billbergia Bennelong Bridge Run (BBB Run) will begin at Marina Square. Quickly becoming one of the best events in the Sydney running calendar, the Bennelong Bridge Run has a course for everyone. Travelling from Wentworth Point across the Bennelong Bridge to Rhodes, the BBB Run has a 10 km run, 7 km wheelchair course and a free 2 km family run.

Date and times

3rd March 2019

7km wheelchair race:             7:15am

10km run, walk or jog:            7:20 am

2km Family Run:                     9:00am

To register or find out more click here.

Book a celebratory lunch

Want to celebrate all your hard work once your run is done? There are 15 great new places to eat and drink at Marina Square, it’s the perfect place for a meal after the BBB Run. Browse our restaurants and discover your new local dining destination.


The story behind Marina Square

How does Marina Square help people live life in Wentworth Point?

It’s a place to meet and exchange experiences as well as a place for community needs and services. We thought about how to create a space that people would want to spend time in. Our ‘community hub’ encourages the social interaction of residents and visitors alike and due to the scale of Marina Square, the building plays this role for the whole precinct.

Importantly, this development supports the 700 apartments which sit above the retail centre, which are intimately linked back to the overall development.

Tell us about the design?

The flowing movement of the internal pathways mimic the floorplans of the residential towers above. This curvature is a feature of the design throughout Marina Square.

The unique atrium invites sunlight into the space to introduce another layer of drama. It also provides a sense of arrival, allowing a connection to nature from within the centre.

This sky window is one of the features which demonstrates the connection of the inside and outside.

What’s your favourite part of the building?

The urban scale awning. It acts as a ribbon, wrapped around the building, dancing with the urban rhythm and echoing the gentle water’s movement of the Bay.

Was the local precinct considered when designing Marina Square?

Over the last 15 years Scott Carver has been involved with designing the vibrant new city-within-a-city known as Wentworth Point Marinas.

Marina Square acts as a connection for people from the water, who arrive by ferry or from the Bennelong Bridge. It acts as the heart of the Wentworth Point precinct.

How did you build a shopping centre for the community?

Our team undertook community consultation meetings to listen to what the people and the community wanted. After we listened, we considered and then we adapted our designs.

Importantly, our team of experts at Scott Carver drew on their extensive retail experience, as well as their understanding of what makes successful retail and mixed developments work. We crafted a centre based on best practice thinking and insightful design.

How do you hope people feel when they step inside?

Finally. Something special has arrived. A destination within Wentworth Point that truly supports the local residents.


Quick Facts

How many hard hats did you see on an average day during the build?


How long is the feature awning?


How many years in the making?

4 years