Hello Kitty

Join Hello Kitty at Marina Square on Sunday 24 November. She’ll be available for meet & greets on Ground Level or visit the Hello Kitty Craft Village on Level 1 to make and decorate a hairbrush!


Santa Arrival

We’re kicking off our big festive celebrations by welcoming Santa to Wentworth Point. He’ll be arriving at 11:00am, bringing his festive family and staying with us until 2:00 pm.

Festive face painting and our balloon bending elf are sure to spread some Christmas joy.

See the full Festive Life program here. You’ll find Santa Pet Photos, Christmas activity and more.


Santa Pet Photos

Capture the spirit of Christmas in a pawfect photo. Pose your pets with Santa and take home fantastic Christmas memories.

Saturday 30 November, Saturday 7 December & Saturday 14 December.

Bookings essential. Please book via Eventbrite. Enter Marina Square via Waterways St entry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst photo sessions are free, printed photo packages are charged at the following rates –

Santa’s Gift Pack $49.95 (Valued at $112)
Includes: Two 6×8 photos, four 4×6 photos, eight wallet photos, one magnet frame, two Christmas cards, calendar, three bookmarks, four gift tags and one high resolution digital file for unlimited prints and sharing.

Rudolph $42.95 (Valued at $79)
Includes: Two 6.8 photos, four 4×6 photos, eight wallet photos, two magnet frames and calendar.

Blitzen $33.95 (Valued at $47)
Includes: two 4×6 photos, four wallet photos, one magnet frame and two gift tags.

Christmas Card Pack (12 pack with personalised message) $40.95
Includes: two 6×8 photos and 12 personalised Christmas cards with ready to send card holders.

Digital Packages for unlimited prints and sharing
One high resolution digital file $39.95
Up to six high resolution digital files $49.95
(Each package includes calendar and one 6×8 photo)

Ultimate Santa’s Gift Pack update $10
Receive up to six high resolution digital files and one 6×8 print of a different pose from your sitting.

Standard photo packages
Size – 4×6
One N/a, two $20.95, four $29.95, six $37.95
Size – 6×8
One $29.95, two $23.95, four $35.95, six $46/95

Vixen Package $29.95
Includes: one 6×8 photo, one 4×6 photo, four wallet photos

Special offers – spend $29/95 or more in one transaction and chose one of these great offers:
Digital add on $8.95 (one high resolution digital file for unlimited prints and sharing)
6×8 print add on $9.95 (one 6×8 print of a different pose from your sitting
Multiple digital add on $19.95 (up to six high resolutions digital files for unlimited prints and sharing)

See the full Festive Life program here. You’ll find Story Time with Mrs Claus, Christmas activity and more.


Bauble Workshop

Looking for something special to hang on the Christmas tree? How about your own personalised bauble? During our free workshop you can decorate and take home your own bauble. Perfect for spreading Christmas cheer.

See the full Festive Life program here. You’ll find Santa Pet Photos, Christmas activity and more.


Festive Pet Caricatures

Bring your loyal companions to Marina Square for a pet portrait with a difference this festive season. Capture their playful paws, floppy ears or silly smile in a personalised caricature. Whether you’re a proud puppy owner, a kitty cuddler, a bird bather or a snake charmer. Our caricaturist can tease out the special features of any proud pet.

During your ten-minute session we’ll find your pet’s most striking characteristics and emphasise them in a hand-drawn portrait. It’s sure to capture the cute or make you giggle.

Sunday 1 December & Sunday 15 December 
Sessions are available between 9:00am and 11:00am and must be booked in advance. Please book your session via Eventbrite.

See the full Festive Life program here. You’ll find Santa Pet Photos, Christmas activity and more.


Santa Letter Writing

Workshop, Santa’s elves are in centre to help you write your Christmas letter to Santa. Write, draw, decorate and more. Then pop it in the North Pole post-box and await your reply!

Find the Santa Letter Writing workshop in the MSQ Art Space on Level 1.

See the full Festive Life program here. You’ll find Santa Pet Photos, Christmas activity and more.


Story Time with Mrs Claus

Gather around for Story Time with Mrs Claus. She’ll be bringing festive cheer to the children of Wentworth Point through classic Christmas tales. Listen to her Christmas stories and keep the little ones entertained all afternoon long.

Find Mrs Claus on Ground floor, near Coles. No tickets required.

See the full Festive Life program here. You’ll find Santa Pet Photos, Christmas activity and more.


PRAMS Christmas

It’s festive season at Marina Square and PRAMS will celebrate with another clothes swap for local families, Christmas dress-up and free candy canes.

Exchange your preloved items such as clothing, shoes, accessories and books to pick up some new-to-you items just in time for Christmas.

The Swap Shop initiative lets your family refresh their kids’ wardrobes, bookshelves and toy boxes by reusing and recycling good condition items that other families have donated – that’s sustainable gifting!

Any unswapped items will be donated to Make A Wish clothing bins, which support sick kids, their families and medical teams through life changing times.

Help our community become more sustainable and donate your items before Tuesday 26 November. It’s easy to donate, please see our handy guidelines below and take your items to the Centre Management Office, on Level One of Marina Square.

The first 50 families will also receive a free Huggies sample pack including: Nappy, fabric softener, Sudocream, Bepanthan, pregnancy vitamins (Elevit), banana protector, Curash samples (bath wash), water safety books and more.


Further information

Drop off point: Centre Management Office
Drop off date deadline: Tuesday 26 November


Event Information:

  • *Parents can drop off their children’s CLEAN and GOOD CONDITION clothing, accessories, toys, shoes and books.
  • *When you drop off, we will take down your name for the list of participants.
  • *We ask participants to pre-sort their items by size as much as possible to help the event run smoothly. See sorting guidelines.

Eligible items:

  • *All children’s clothing, from newborn to teenagers, and accessories are welcome!
  • *This can include outerwear, swimsuits, shoes, backpacks/bags, costumes/dress-up clothing, and more!
  • *We will also accept maternity clothing/items.
  • *We ask that all items are CLEAN with no stains, tears, or holes.

Non-eligible items:

  • *Nappies, including cloth nappies and accessories
  • *Baby carriers & wraps, blankets/bedding
  • *Baby gear (strollers, car seats, bathtubs, etc)
  • *Breast pumps (except new in package) including some feeding accessories like bottles


If you are not sure, please contact us on Facebook or email us at marketing@marinasquare.com.au

Sorting Guidelines:

Please follow the sorting guidelines to make the swap easy for everyone.

  • *Use plastic grocery bags (loosely tied please) and fill them with one size per bag (E.g. a bag of 12 months clothing, 2 bags of 18 months clothing, etc).
  •  *If using larger bags, such as trash bags, divide sizes by using a layer or tissue paper or put all of one size in the bottom with a different size on top (e.g. a trash bag filled with Size 6 clothing on the bottom and Size 8 clothing on the top)
  • *If using plastic storage totes, please write your name on them in Texta/Sharpie. You can collect your tote bags on the day of the swap.

Frequently asked questions:

How much can I take?
We’d love everyone to treat the swap fairly. So please take as many items as a donated, or a similar amount. If there are items that you need, which no one has taken at the end of the swap, feel free to take them.

What if I want to donate but I do not want to participate in the swap?
That’s fine. We’ll donate any leftover items to charity.

What about a family that needs items but does not have any items to contribute to the swap?
Please join us at the swap. We’ll make sure you can pick-up useful items and meet other parents.

What happens to the items left over at the end of the swap?
Items remaining at the end of the swap will be donated to Make A Wish.

For PRAMS FAQs, please see the Parents Relaxing at Marina Square page.



Halloween, Hallowe’en, All Hallows Eve or All Saints’ Eve? They’re all correct and originate from All Hallows Eve, which dates back to 1556! This spooky occasion was for remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and the dearly departed.

Nowadays, Halloween is about sweet treats, scary stories and killer costumes on 31 October. It’s a great excuse to indulge in a scary movie, carve a lantern, do some apple bobbing or pull on a kooky costume.

Here are our Top 5 Halloween celebrations in and around Wentworth Point:

1.) Too ghoul for school? Lab Kitchen is offering a free coffee or babycino for anyone in their Halloween costume between Saturday 26 October and Thursday 31 October.
2.) Carve your perfect Jack O’Lantern with a pumpkin from Coles. Go for a traditional scary face or some Halloween inspired art designs.
3.) Make some Choc Donut Spiders. Find the ingredients at Coles and try the recipe here.
4.) Use Trick or Treat Me, to find other families who also want to Trick or Treat in the area. With safety advice, cute signs and other resources, it’s the perfect way to get spooky.
5.) Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a scary feast and gets you looking forward to Christmas. Rated G, it’s family fun for older kids and parents alike.


PRAMS November

Saltuary will be joining us for the November edition of PRAMS on Tuesday 5 November. Get those naturopath, meditation or health questions ready!

PRAMS is a monthly meetup for families with young children to connect, learn and relax. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month. It’s a small way Marina Square can support families, carers and the local community that supports us.

At PRAMS you can meet other local parents, help your child make new friends and welcome new residents to Wentworth Point all over a cup of coffee. Every month we’ll bring families together to chat and learn from guest speakers covering a range of topics.