Essential Oils Workshop

We want you to feel invigorated, intrigued, inspired and empowered. Learn how to achieve these feelings with essential oils.  Create energy producing, stress reducing or health boosting blends.

Essential oils have been said manage stress and help build up your tolerance to illness using the most powerful plant extracts on the planet.

First, you’ll be taken on a sensory journey as you learn exactly what essential oils are, how they interact with your senses, concentration and energy levels. Then you’ll be guided through creating your own blends! Join us for this interactive essential oils workshop.

What do I need to do?

1. Book your ticket on Eventbrite. Tickets are $35 per person.

2. Go to the MSQ Art Space on Wednesday 11 September.

3. Bring your desire to learn new things!

To learn more about the Art Workshop Program, click here.


PRAMS September

Join us on Tuesday 3 September for a meetup edition of PRAMS. Feel free to buy a coffee, bring it upstairs and chat with the other parents. We’ll be bringing the toy box out to keep the kids entertained. Find us in the MSQ Art Space on Level One. We look forward to welcoming new and regular members.

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Baylink Shuttle Celebration

Join us to celebrate 1.5 million passenger trips with the Baylink Shuttle. Notching up an impressive number of journeys over the last year and a half is a great excuse to get the community together.

We’ll be celebrating with free cupcakes, entertainment and kids’ activities. The City of Parramatta will also join us with a pop-up stall and updates about the new Community Centre and Library, set to open in December 2019.

The Baylink Shuttle is proudly funded by Billbergia as part of its commitment to creating a sustainable and connected community at Wentworth Point.

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Terrarium Workshop

Bring a little piece of the outdoors into your home with a handmade terrarium. These glass gardens make a perfect statement piece in any apartment.

Create a green wonderland for your indoor oasis at Marina Square. We’ll cover everything from construction to caring for your little masterpiece.

In this hands-on class, you’ll create your very own medium sized terrarium with a selection of plants. Start by choosing your greenery, sand, pebbles and moss. Next you’ll learn about the best layering technique. Once you’ve finished your plant, we’ll give you the caring instructions for your new creation to take home.

What do I need to do?

1. Book your ticket on Eventbrite. Tickets are $40 per person.

2. Go to the MSQ Art Space on Wednesday 28 August.

3. Bring your green fingers and build a terrarium!

To learn more about the Art Workshop Program, click here.


Creative Tea Blending

During this 2-hour hands-on blending workshop, Liliana Algorry Certified Tea Sommelier and Tea Blender will teach students the basics of creative tea blending.

The workshop focuses on blending bases, flavor relationship, balance, visual appeal, inclusions, and ratios.

Participants will create their own blend and take home their creation, using more than 42 different ingredients.

Fee includes tea, spices, herbal, flowers, fruits and professional equipment.

What do I need to do?

1. Book your ticket on Eventbrite. Tickets are $40 per person.

2. Go to the MSQ Art Space on Wednesday 14 August.

3. Put on your friendliest face and bring your desire to learn.

Click here to learn more about the full Art Workshop Program.


Kokedamas Workshop

Create a Kokedama with us.

These mossy garden friends have their origin in Japanese planting. So, get hands-on and create a perfect mate for any balcony garden.

Kokedamas, an alternative version of the Bonsai, originated in Japan in the 1600’s. And their retro charm is back in fashion!

Whether it’s for you, a friend or family member Kokedamas are a breeze to decorate. Use them as decorative table settings, house plants, house-warming gifts or even birthday presents.

In this hands on workshop, we’ll teach you the technique of planting where the roots and soil are wrapped in a ball of moss and decoratively bound by string to hold everything together. You will choose from a selection of different plants and succulents for you to create your very own masterpiece.

Once you’ve created your perfect Kokedama, you’ll be able to replicate the process time and time again.

What do I need to do?

1. Book your ticket on Eventbrite. Tickets are $40 per person.

2. Go to the MSQ Art Space on Wednesday 24 July.

3. Put on your friendliest face and bring your desire to learn.

Click here to learn more about the full Art Workshop Program.


Stars Creative Arts | Children’s Activities

Stars Creative Arts will be hosting children’s art workshops every Saturday until October. Art activities are suitable for children ages 4-16.


Find them 11:00am – 2:00pm in the MSQ Art Space on Level One. You’ll be able to take part in fun art activities such as: paint a placemat, pom-pom pencil, weaving, sand art and more!


Please contact Stars Creative Arts for more info.


PRAMS – Swap Shop

In August, PRAMS will host a clothes swap for local families to exchange their preloved items such as clothing, shoes, accessories and books. Trade out unwanted, unused or no longer loved items, and take home some new-to-you items.

The Swap Shop initiative lets your family refresh their kids’ wardrobes, bookshelves and toy boxes by reusing and recycling good condition items that other families have donated.

Any unswapped items will be donated to Make A Wish clothing bins, which support sick kids, their families and medical teams to grant wishes as unique as the children who imagine them.

The first 50 families will also receive a free Huggies sample pack including: Nappy, fabric softener, Sudocream, Bepanthan, pregnancy vitamins (Elevit), banana protector, Curash samples (bath wash), water safety books and more.

Help our community become more sustainable and donate your items before Tuesday 30 July. It’s easy to donate, please see our handy guidelines below and take your items to the Centre Management Office, on Level One of Marina Square.

Further information

Drop off point: Centre Management Office
Drop off date deadline: Monday 5 August

Event Information:

  • *Parents can drop off their children’s CLEAN and GOOD CONDITION clothing, accessories, toys, shoes and books.
  • *When you drop off, we will take down your name for the list of participants.
  • *We ask participants to pre-sort their items by size as much as possible to help the event run smoothly. See sorting guidelines.

Eligible items:

  • *All children’s clothing, from newborn to teenagers, and accessories are welcome!
  • *This can include outerwear, swimsuits, shoes, backpacks/bags, costumes/dress-up clothing, and more!
  • *We will also accept maternity clothing/items.
  • *We ask that all items are CLEAN with no stains, tears, or holes.

Non-eligible items:

  • *Nappies, including cloth nappies and accessories
  • *Baby carriers & wraps, blankets/bedding
  • *Baby gear (strollers, car seats, bathtubs, etc)
  • *Breast pumps (except new in package) including some feeding accessories like bottles


If you are not sure, please contact us on Facebook or email us at marketing@marinasquare.com.au

Sorting Guidelines:

Please follow the sorting guidelines to make the swap easy for everyone.

  • *Use plastic grocery bags (loosely tied please) and fill them with one size per bag (E.g. a bag of 12 months clothing, 2 bags of 18 months clothing, etc).
  •  *If using larger bags, such as trash bags, divide sizes by using a layer or tissue paper or put all of one size in the bottom with a different size on top (e.g. a trash bag filled with Size 6 clothing on the bottom and Size 8 clothing on the top)
  • *If using plastic storage totes, please write your name on them in Texta/Sharpie. You can collect your tote bags on the day of the swap.

Frequently asked questions:

How much can I take?
We’d love everyone to treat the swap fairly. So please take as many items as a donated, or a similar amount. If there are items that you need, which no one has taken at the end of the swap, feel free to take them.

What if I want to donate but I do not want to participate in the swap?
That’s fine. We’ll donate any leftover items to charity.

What about a family that needs items but does not have any items to contribute to the swap?
Please join us at the swap. We’ll make sure you can pick-up useful items and meet other parents.

What happens to the items left over at the end of the swap?
Items remaining at the end of the swap will be donated to Make A Wish.

For PRAMS FAQs, please see the Parents Relaxing at Marina Square page.


PRAMS – July | Fitness

During July’s PRAMS session we’ll meet with the crew from 12RND to learn about parent fitness.

The session will be an introduction to fitness and nutrition for parents. Led by head trainer, Josh, who is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and nurturing a strong and healthy community around fitness and HIIT training.

Josh will be joined by fellow 12RND trainer, Ange. As an expectant mother, she’s got all of the latest info on training as a new or expecting mum!

PRAMS members and session attendees will be able to have three free sessions at 12RND to get motivated and assess their fitness goals.


Life With Paint

Looking for a date night, girls’ night out, or just a unique night out with friends and family? Get creative with us.

In the latest MSQ Art session we’re bringing you a Life With Paint workshop. Let one of their professional artists guide you through the process of creating your own masterpiece.

These events offer a unique, fun and social introduction to creativity and art.  All necessary supplies for painting are provided. There is no experience required, so join us and quench your thirst for creativity!

Tickets required. Please book online through Eventbrite.