Spring has sprung and it’s brought an explosion of flavour! Whether you’re eating out or dining at home, there’s a spring flavour combination perfect for you.

Eating Out

In the mood for something sweet? Cure your cravings at Ice Cube Sweet. We’re recommending the waffles with a side of milk ice.

If you can’t quite decide, treat your tastebuds to the sweet and salty sensation that is a Gorgonzola cheesecake from Smelly Cheesecake. The blue cheese and honey combination screams spring picnic!

If coconut doesn’t scream spring and summer, we’re not sure what does. Order a side of Kao Pod Ping, grilled fresh corn with caramelized coconut sugar and salted coconut strip alongside Hiew’s pork ribs.

Fresh sashimi is a natural spring choice at Masuya Suisan. Order fresh salmon, tuna and prawns.

If you’re looking for a substantial lunch, pair fresh bread with lightly pickled carrot, cucumber and beautifully roasted pork. The Banh Mi at Roll House is sure to delight.

When bigger is better Burger Point is the restaurant for you. Try the Mad Chook for a chicken burger with a jalapeno twist.

Griddle King is debuting a new French inspired menu alongside extended opening hours, so think fresh Galettes and beautiful crepes for spring and summer. Whether it’s a light meal or a decadent dessert, there’s something for every palate.

Take the heat off with Pho Joy. A traditional rare beef pho is the best way to beat the heat!

Taste the deep, rich flavours of shakshuka at Leaf Café & Co. Order up the slow braised pulled pork shakshuka with chorizo, cherry tomatoes, onions, pinto, kidney and borlotti beans plus baked egg and dukkah, served with toasted sourdough.

Sear up a storm at Bulpan. Try the beef platter then cook it to your liking over the Korean BBQs. With tasty sides and dipping sauces, you’re sure to find a fiery flavour combination.

Spring is a chance to eat something light and tasty. Move away from heavier meats and move into fish. We recommend the grilled salmon nigiri from Akira Sushi, perfectly smoky and beyond delicious!

Need a vego fix? Try the vegetarian plate at Bosphorus Turkish Street Food. You can devour a cabbage roll, stuffed vine leaf, zuchhini fritter and falafel served with salad, tabouli, hommus, jajik and Turkish bread.

Staying In

Turn around dinner in a flash with chilli and lemon prawns. Pick up fresh prawns at Marina Square Seafood and pair with fresh lemon and herbs available at Coles. Pan fry with chilli and finish with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of parsley to make a tasty treat that’s ready in 10 minutes.

Head to Coles for fresh fruit and veg. Grapes, berries and bananas are all super sweet and in season. Beans, broccoli and asparagus are all looking good in green. Keep an eye out for fresh mangoes arriving soon!

Zeticiti is your choice for exciting Asian flavours. Sauces, marinades and more await your culinary prowess.

How about garlic and ginger? Try specialist Asian meat cuts at Marina Square Butcher. Marinate with freshly grated ginger, minced garlic and a splash of soy sauce. Stir-fry with green veggies and serve on freshly steamed rice.

Make the most of fresh spring flavours at Marina Square, we make it easy to get a true taste of spring.

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