OPEN TODAY 9.00AM - 7.00PM

OPEN TODAY 9.00AM - 7.00PM





During Centre opening hours

Lunar New Year

A collective of cheeky rats are about to pop-up at Marina Square. Discover our mischief today!

Scan their QR codes to learn more about Lunar New Year and enter your cheeky photo in our #MSQLNY20 challenge.

Henry the hand standing rat loves to show off his flexibility and adaptability. With an acute awareness and observation of his surroundings, Henry is always ready to adjust to new circumstances.  His positive attitude always shines through. Although, he sometimes finds that the best way to thrive is upside down!

Steven the stilt walking rat is stubborn, yet determined to see the world around him from different heights. Acquiring a set of chopsticks, he quickly adapted them into stilts. With so many incredible things now in his sights, Steven is unable to focus on just one thing!

Julie the juggling rat has an eye for business.  Julie likes to try her hand at many new things, with great enthusiasm and passion, until she finds the next thing that she knows she will excel at. Spotting a hole in the market, she is quickly learning to juggle.

Benny, Becky, and Blair are too excited and happy to ever sit still for very long. Full of vitality and positivity, there isn’t much that they can’t tackle together.  Their sentimental affection for each other means that they are never too old to build rat pyramids together!

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