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Do you work long hours in front of a computer or screen? And does this leave your eyes feeling tired and dry? You may also experience headaches and neck pain. The culprit is likely to be blue light and eye strain. Learn more about blue light and eye strain from your local optometrist at Miss Specs Appeal.

What is Blue Light and where does it come from?

Blue light is the shortest wavelength and has the highest energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. You’ll find it everywhere, including digital devices (TVs, smartphones, computers, tablets), LED lighting and even the sun.

What does it do to our eyes and overall health?

Over 70% of adults who use electronic devices experience digital eye strain, migraines, headaches or neck pain from continued exposure to blue light. All blue light induces stress that can damage cells at the back of our eyes.  This high level of exposure can affect our daily mood and disrupt our body’s sleep pattern.  Not only does exposure to blue light have harmful effects on our eyes, but it can negatively impact our overall health and wellbeing.

How can we protect our eyes from blue light?

You can get on top of symptoms by wearing blue light blocking glasses for a comfortable, relaxed vision in front of screens. Our protective blue light lenses reduce unwanted exposure, reflect harmful rays and help improve eye strain symptoms.

Who most needs blue light protection?

Everyone should take precautions against the harmful effects of blue light. Especially those with prolonged exposure to blue light. This means all of the Netflix bingers, late-night gamers and hard workers. By purchasing a pair of blue light glasses, we can take steps to avoid the negative effects caused by blue light.

How can Miss Specs Appeal help?

We provide a range of affordable, quality eye wear with unique styles to suit every personality. Blue light filters can come in both prescription or non-prescription lenses and can be fitted to your frames of choice. Our eye tests are bulk billed, and we provide a thorough, customised service using the latest eye screening technology.  Come in and talk to our Optometrist Dr. Julia Ong today!

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