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Parents Relaxing at Marina Square

In August, PRAMS will host a clothes swap for local families to exchange their preloved items such as clothing, shoes, accessories and books. Trade out unwanted, unused or no longer loved items, and take home some new-to-you items.

The Swap Shop initiative lets your family refresh their kids’ wardrobes, bookshelves and toy boxes by reusing and recycling good condition items that other families have donated.

Any unswapped items will be donated to Make A Wish clothing bins, which support sick kids, their families and medical teams to grant wishes as unique as the children who imagine them.

The first 50 families will also receive a free Huggies sample pack including: Nappy, fabric softener, Sudocream, Bepanthan, pregnancy vitamins (Elevit), banana protector, Curash samples (bath wash), water safety books and more.

Help our community become more sustainable and donate your items before Tuesday 30 July. It’s easy to donate, please see our handy guidelines below and take your items to the Centre Management Office, on Level One of Marina Square.

Further information

Drop off point: Centre Management Office
Drop off date deadline: Monday 5 August

Event Information:

  • *Parents can drop off their children’s CLEAN and GOOD CONDITION clothing, accessories, toys, shoes and books.
  • *When you drop off, we will take down your name for the list of participants.
  • *We ask participants to pre-sort their items by size as much as possible to help the event run smoothly. See sorting guidelines.

Eligible items:

  • *All children’s clothing, from newborn to teenagers, and accessories are welcome!
  • *This can include outerwear, swimsuits, shoes, backpacks/bags, costumes/dress-up clothing, and more!
  • *We will also accept maternity clothing/items.
  • *We ask that all items are CLEAN with no stains, tears, or holes.

Non-eligible items:

  • *Nappies, including cloth nappies and accessories
  • *Baby carriers & wraps, blankets/bedding
  • *Baby gear (strollers, car seats, bathtubs, etc)
  • *Breast pumps (except new in package) including some feeding accessories like bottles


If you are not sure, please contact us on Facebook or email us at

Sorting Guidelines:

Please follow the sorting guidelines to make the swap easy for everyone.

  • *Use plastic grocery bags (loosely tied please) and fill them with one size per bag (E.g. a bag of 12 months clothing, 2 bags of 18 months clothing, etc).
  •  *If using larger bags, such as trash bags, divide sizes by using a layer or tissue paper or put all of one size in the bottom with a different size on top (e.g. a trash bag filled with Size 6 clothing on the bottom and Size 8 clothing on the top)
  • *If using plastic storage totes, please write your name on them in Texta/Sharpie. You can collect your tote bags on the day of the swap.

Frequently asked questions:

How much can I take?
We’d love everyone to treat the swap fairly. So please take as many items as a donated, or a similar amount. If there are items that you need, which no one has taken at the end of the swap, feel free to take them.

What if I want to donate but I do not want to participate in the swap?
That’s fine. We’ll donate any leftover items to charity.

What about a family that needs items but does not have any items to contribute to the swap?
Please join us at the swap. We’ll make sure you can pick-up useful items and meet other parents.

What happens to the items left over at the end of the swap?
Items remaining at the end of the swap will be donated to Make A Wish.

For PRAMS FAQs, please see the Parents Relaxing at Marina Square page.

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