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Picture perfect dining is coming to Marina Square this November. Local Instagram stars @thefatcouple are here to help you snap and share your food.

If you haven’t taken a picture of your food, did you really eat it? According The Fat Couple, Jasmin and Warren, the answer is a big, fat no. To get you Instagram ready for your first day at Marina Square, we asked them to tell us their top tips and tricks when it comes to photographing food.

What inspired you to start a food Instagram?

We’ve always loved food. Not just all the delicious and different flavours, but also the adventures that can be had with food.

How do you prepare for an Instagram shoot?

We prepare ourselves with an empty belly so that we can eat everything on our plates. We also try to book at times that the sun is still out, so that we can get some great shots and do the venue justice. Some of our cool foodie friends bring props around, but we like to shoot the food in its natural setting.

What camera do you use?

We use a Sony a6000. It’s a mirrorless camera that fits nicely into any handbag!

How do you get the perfect shot?

The perfect shot is usually one of 40 not so perfect shots. We’re still practicing our flat lay technique and can’t quite get that one down pat – yet.

It’s amazing how creative other bloggers get with their flat lays. While we love learning through other foodies, our style focuses more on one dish, so we can let it sing.

How do you deal with light?

You’ve probably heard it before, but natural lighting is actually the best.

In times where it’s not available, we bring around a little selfie halo light, or the flash light on your phone with a white napkin to soften it will do the trick too.

When’s the best time to shoot?

We like shooting at around 9:00am at cafes – the lighting is spot on and it’s less crowded.

What dish are you most excited to photograph at Marina Square?

We’ve been keeping an eye out for what we can expect to see open at Marina Square – we are so excited! Bosphorus Turkish Street Food is really calling to us. We can’t wait to feast here with the family!

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