The sausages are sizzling and the drinks are clinking, BBQ season has arrived at Wentworth Point. We’ll help you celebrate the return of hot weather with a balcony BBQ.

Surrounded by natural beauty, Wentworth Point attracts people who love to live their life outdoors. With spring finally here, it’s time to throw open your doors and host your first balcony BBQ of the season.

Together with stores from Marina Square shopping centre, we’ve created a balcony BBQ guide to help you host a fun-filled party.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way

Seasoned entertainers will do most of their cooking before guests arrive. It’s a good idea to prepare all your salads, side dishes and desserts before the BBQ starts. Then all you have to do when the guests arrive is kick back, relax and put the BBQ on.

Plan an inspired menu with Coles

Fresh fish, succulent lamb, crisp salads and gourmet sausages ­– with so many incredible Spring flavours, how do you choose the perfect menu? Luckily, Spring recipes will be at your doorstep. Coles at Marina Square have some delicious inspiration in their latest free magazine.

If you want to search further afield, check out for Coles’ online recipe collection. The best part? You can shop the ingredients straight from the recipe and then have them delivered to your doorstep.

Select the perfect meats

BBQ’s are all about what’s on the grill. Head into Marina Square and get expert advice from the team at Marina Square Butcher and Marina Square Seafood. The knowledgeable teams will be able to help you purchase the perfect cut.

Luckily for local party planners, Marina Square Seafood and Marina Square Butcher opened in Spring 2018. So whether you’re choosing seafood or steak, you’ll have fresh quality ingredients close by.

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