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OPEN TODAY 9.00AM - 7.00PM





Marina Square, Wentworth Point

The Billbergia Bennelong Bridge Run is coming to Marina Square this March.

We checked in with Marina Square’s local health and fitness experts to find out how you can prepare, race and recover.


About the experts

Gillian, Chiropractor, Saltuary Natural Health Clinic.

Gillian has been “optimis[ing] the health of every single person [she] sees” for over fifteen years.

A big believer in gearing her treatments to the individual, Gillian uses a variety of different techniques to treat people of all shapes, sizes and ages.


Josh, Coach & Manager at 12RND Fitness.

Josh is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. 6-week challenges push the 12RND crew to be the best. They have built a strong and healthy community around fitness and HIIT training.

Josh reckons the best thing about running is “the feeling of knowing you are better than you were yesterday. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.”


Ronnie, Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness.

Ronnie works with Anytime Fitness members in Wentworth Point to improve their overall strength and fitness.

Ronnie thinks the worst thing about running is the repetition. He likes to create varied and challenging workouts for his clients.



It’s important to check your general health and fitness before embarking on a new challenge.

Make sure to check-up with your GP. You can gain more ideas about your fitness level and body composition through your gym, pharmacy or healthcare providers.

Gillian suggests a free pelvic check and lower limb strength assessment. This takes around 20 minutes and is available at Saltuary at Marina Square. You can find more info about this on our offers page.

Food and diet are essential to race preparation as well. Josh suggests a balanced meal of carbs, protein and fats like avocado and eggs on toast. Aim for a light meal on the morning of your run such as a banana and almonds or honey on toast.

Ronnie reminds us to stay hydrated and top up our electrolytes.


Finding your race style is important. You might be a fantastic sprinter and a terrible long-distance runner. Find your race style through different training sessions and identifying your fitness type.

12RND can help you find your fitness type with 3 free trial sessions to use over a 1-week period. For more information about this and other offers click here.

Further tips from Gillian included the importance of breathing properly.  “Find a breathing rhythm whilst running. Make sure it suits your running style and is comfortable.”

This could mean inhaling for three steps, exhaling for two. Make it rhythmic and in line with your pace.

Josh echoes Gillian’s advice, “run at a pace where you know you can control your breathing, take your time and ease your way into running further. Take breaks when/if needed and enjoy yourself!”

Remember to activate the correct muscles. Ronnie says, “activate hip flexors and glutes to improve your technique.”



Sleep, rest and wellbeing are all key to your recovery. During training, remember to take a rest day and maintain a good sleeping pattern.

Food plays a big part too. Gillian says, “keep in mind how important magnesium is for muscle recovery. It helps to relax and replenish the muscles after workouts.”

You can work magnesium into your diet through magnesium rich foods such as leafy greens, fruits and nuts.

Recovery is easiest when you avoid injury. Josh let us know how to avoid injury by keeping simple habits. Make sure you’re “doing a proper warm up before running and maintaining a good stretching, rolling and sleeping pattern.”


Enjoying the run at Marina Square

It’s important to remember that running can be a challenge no matter how fit you are. Get out there, smash your fitness goals and enjoy yourself.

Marina Square will be an action-packed running hub for runners and spectators alike. We’ll have special entertainment and kids activities. Plus, all of our usual food and drink offerings. Check out the What’s On section for more details.

More about BBBRun

The BBBRun is open for everyone. Four different races make the event truly accessible.

The brainchild of Glen Lebeau and Hamish Campbell, BBBRun is redefining community running events. They use running to inspire change for individuals, carers and families affected by chronic illness and disabilities.

To find out how you can be involved in creating change visit BBBRUN for further details.

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