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There are so many things to celebrate about Australia: the wildlife, the sun, the beaches, the people and the food!

Our amazing attitude towards food has cultivated our international reputation as a foodie destination. Australia is home to world-class chefs like Kylie Kwong, Neil Perry and Matt Moran to name just a few. We’re at the forefront of experimental cuisine, and that’s something to be proud of this Australia Day.

Our celebrations are centred around food. Cooking and eating is such an easy way to spread joy. As a nation, we love to BBQ, picnic and feast with our loved ones. There’s nothing better than a family BBQ in the great Australian outdoors.

But there’s some quintessential Aussie foods which aren’t getting any global love. Tourists might turn up their noses at our Fairy Bread or Vegemite because they don’t align with our otherwise high-end foodie credentials, but we love them.

They might be a bit daggy and even provoke international laughs, but these guilty pleasures conjure up childhood memories of birthday parties, summer days and family get-togethers. And that’s why we still love them.

Let us know if you agree with our top six Aussie guilty pleasures:

  1. Vegemite: our American counterparts can’t stand it but we can’t get enough. Spread a thick layer over butter for maximum enjoyment.
  2. Lamingtons: little pillows of sponge, chocolate and coconut. What could be better? Raspberry jam lamingtons, that’s what!
  3. Fairy bread: this multicoloured marvel isn’t for everyone but it’s stood the test of time. It’s been around since the 1920s.
  4. Tim Tams: probably Australia’s largest export thanks to Muriel’s Wedding.
  5. Golden Gaytime: fun fact, the first Gaytime was not golden! It was chocolate and strawberry shortcake.
  6. Pavlova: although there’s conjecture about whether it originated in New Zealand or Australia, we’ll claim it just like we do Russell Crowe and Crowded House.

You can find all of your Australia Day guilty pleasures at Marina Square.

We’re even open on 26 Jan for your emergency Tim Tams.


Happy Australia Day!


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