With Sydney officially out of lockdown, we hope that everyone is enjoying the freedom. It feels great to be able to experience the simple things again, whether it be going shopping or seeing the latest Marvel blockbuster. It’s getting closer to December, and the sunnier months ahead make going outdoors almost a must-do, eh? If you’re thinking about visiting your favourite place for lunch in Wentworth Point, we have some tips. 


Trendy food (and coffee) at Lab Kitchen

Serving a fusion of Western and Eastern fare, the team at Lab Kitchen love to be innovative with their food. Their menu reinvents itself according to the season, with an emphasis on freshness and quality of ingredients. Don’t just take our word for it, check-out their Instagram. Isn’t it pretty? 😍 Located next to the entryway to Marina Square, you’ll notice the space and relaxed ambience of the cafe. Walking in and seeing the comfortable interior decor (with a guitar propped up in the corner) there is a feeling of being right at home.    


Feast at Bulpan Korean BBQ 

Korean entertainment has gripped the world lately. Shows like Squid Game and My Name have intrigued audiences toward Korean culture and cuisine. While watching Netflix, it’s likely that you will have seen your favourite character enjoying a hearty Korean BBQ. After all, these are venues where conversation is encouraged with delicious options like Bulgogi and Bibimbap. Not to mention the mouthwatering Chimaek, which is a beloved combination of beer and fried chicken. Of course, this lead-up is to describe what’s available at Bulpan, a Korean BBQ restaurant perfect for lunch in Wentworth Point.  



Enjoy drinks and live music at The Dancing Bear

It has been a challenging few months for all of us. Days and nights spent within the four walls of our homes have made some of us crave a boogie and an alcoholic drink (“Just one?!”, do we hear 😏). That’s why The Dancing Bear has made its space perfect for family and friends to have intimate catch-ups and lively conversation. Whilst live music is playing, you can try popular drinks like “Popular Old Fashioned” and “Honeycomb Espresso Martini”. Needless to say, their menu is creative both for drinks and lunch in Wentworth Point.   

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