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Create A Vision For Your Style At Miss Specs Appeal

By 8 April 2022May 18th, 2022home, what's on

Create A Vision For Your Style At Miss Specs Appeal

Miss Specs Appeal offers a refreshing approach to an activity many see as a chore. You may perceive visiting your local eyewear shop with indifference – what’s so special about choosing a new pair of glasses when you will probably replace them in a year anyway?



A modern approach to eye care and eyewear

The team at Miss Specs Appeal don’t just believe in helping you see the outside world better. Sure, receiving a new prescription will help you see those cinema films clearer, but does it help you see who you are with more clarity? The team at our Marina Square shop source their designs from well-known craftsmen who value fun and fashion. With each pair of glasses, your friendly assistant helps you express your personality and style.


Inspired by individuality and style

At the core of fashion is a sense of adventure and discovery. When buying a pair of glasses in Wentworth Point, there is a joy that comes with trying new looks and realising that in fact, change is good. Who knew that you suited a wide, metal-framed pair of sunglasses? Who knew that you loved the colour pink? The team at Miss Specs Appeal helps you build confidence while experimenting with different styles.


Clear vision starts with healthy eyes

Have you heard of blue light? If you spend lots of time in front of a digital screen, you would have encountered it (and let’s be honest, this is all of us). Blue light has a short wavelength, which means it contains a higher amount of energy. It is emitted from our digital devices and can cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches and sleepiness.

In addition to your eyewear, Miss Specs Appeal is attentive to your eyecare. Comprehensive bulk-billed eye tests are available in-store with a professional team of optometrists. If you have your Medicare card with you, you won’t have an out-of-pocket expense. While there, you will receive a comprehensive eye test using the latest technology in digital retinal photography and visual scanning.

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