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Boxing And Strength Training With 12RND Fitness

By 25 November 2021May 3rd, 2022what's on

Boxing And Strength Training With 12RND Fitness

It’s more important than ever to maintain our health. Mentally, we may have an idea of what should be done to stay healthy (we’re thinking of less screen-time, for example). For our exercise and physical health needs, there are countless workouts, home routines and exercise programs that can be learnt. If you’re wanting to learn boxing in Sydney, as well as develop your general strength, 12RND Fitness presents a unique offering.


What is 12RND Fitness

The operating principle of their 80+ clubs around the world is to maintain a strong standard of health and fitness. And not just in the short-term. 12RND’s coaches aim to develop their members’ physical and mental health, preserving it for the long-term.

Their training methodology, which features a different full body workout every day, was inspired by Danny Green (who co-founded 12RND Fitness). Having held the title of World Champion four times throughout his career, Danny trains his boxing skills and functional strength to stay in peak condition. At every 12RND gym, members participate in 45 minute workouts. During these 45 minutes, there are 12 x 3 minute rounds, with each round targeted at improving aerobic and anaerobic strength.


Unique Full Body Workouts

Whilst you can think of 12RND as a gym in Wentworth Point, their unique value comes in their integration of boxing principles into your workout. Their training program involves a new curated workout every day. Each workout involves a combination of ‘Boxing Rounds’ and ‘Strength Rounds’. During each Boxing Round, you will learn the art of the sport through bag work and 1-on-1 pad work with your coach. During each Strength Round, the focus will be on honing your legs, core and upper body.

While you’re learning boxing in Wentworth Point, you can feel assured that each 12RND workout is overseen by sports-scientists. Professional athletes develop their potential with the same strength training. Moreover, each 12RND gym ensures that programs are customised for individual member needs.


Training at Wentworth Point

The coaches at 12RND Marina Square welcome you to train for free during an exclusive special for January 2022. They will guide you from start-to-finish in every workout, as it’s important to show how each exercise is supposed to be done. With their in-depth knowledge of form, technique and outcomes, each coach leaves their member excited for the next session. Visit here to discover what’s available at 12RND Fitness in Wentworth Point.

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