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3 winter perfect dishes to make after visiting Zetciti

By 31 May 2022June 3rd, 2022home, what's on

3 winter perfect dishes to make after visiting Zetciti

If you think that the best way to pass a shivering cold night is to warm up your kitchen with soupy and steamy cooking, then great minds think alike. What’s going to be in your list of recipes to make this winter? First things first, ingredients. We love visiting Zetciti Wentworth Point to buy them.


Wontons in soup

You can buy these meaty little gems pre-made. You would just need to boil them for a few minutes and they’re ready to serve! If you’re feeling more hands-on, test your skill and make them from scratch. Zetciti has the components you need to assemble a perfect wonton.

Congee with condiments

A type of rice porridge eaten throughout Asia, there are many benefits to eating a bowl of steaming congee. It’s healthy, from soaking up the nutrients that simmer off ingredients used. It’s flavourful, especially together with condiments like coriander, garlic chives, ginger, scallion or dried shrimp. It’s also the perfect all-in-one bowl of dinner which you can eat while watching Netflix.

Noodle soups

There are countless types you can make from the ingredients available at Zetciti. Feeling like Chinese cuisine? Beef brisket noodle soup. Feeling more towards Vietnamese? Phở is deliciously aromatic, flavoured with bone broth, fresh herbs, chillies and lime. How about instant Japanese ramen? Let’s face it, after a day at work we sometimes do want some quick and easy Tonkotsu noodles.


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