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3 traditional Lebanese dishes to try at Bahsa Mezza and Bar

By 4 August 2022News, what's on

3 traditional Lebanese dishes to try at Bahsa Mezza and Bar


When it comes to Lebanese food, the emphasis is on community and family. Bahsa Mezza and Bar is located on Level 1 in Marina Square, where diners can enjoy rooftop dining with panoramic views over the water. The sister venue to The Dancing Bear, Bahsa Mezza invites you to experience warm hospitality and tantalising cuisine. 

Here are three traditional Lebanese dishes which you can enjoy in this Wentworth Point restaurant.

Kibbeh nayyeh

This appetizer dish consists of minced raw lamb mixed with grinded wheat, herbs and spices. Kibbeh nayyer is often served with mint leaves and olive oil. Using pita bread to scoop up the meat, its unique flavour makes it a cherished Lebanese delicacy.


These cheese balls hold a soft spot in the hearts of many Middle Eastern people. They are made from cow or sheep’s milk, and undergo an ageing process to develop deeper flavour (similar to the western Blue Cheese). Often covered with herbs and pepper, Shanklish is a delicious part of the mezze (appetiser) spread.

Beef shawarma

A popular street food commonly cooked in Lebanese restaurants, Beef shawarma is a comfort food enjoyed as a steak wrapped in bread and topped with vegetables and sauce. The meat is slowly cooked, then marinated in a variety of spices, forming the base of a mouthful of flavours and textures.


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